Matthew Norton

Productivity Center

The Productivity Center

Graduate Work, Spring 2018

This work is a semester-long project through a studio course at NC State. We were assigned to choose an area in the library, explore what information is being consumed, and re-think how that space could be changed or developed to enhance the visitors experience.



The Productivity Center, located in Hunt Library, provides visitors with printers, scanners, copiers, and other production equipment to be used without reservation. The overall goal of the Productivity Center is to provide students and visitors with a space to produce their work in whatever fashion is necessary for their projects and goals. Here are a few shots of the Productivity Center as it currently looks in the space.



Overall, I wanted to enhance the experience while using the Productivity Center by creating an environment that resembles the rest of Hunt Library. I wanted the space to feel immersive, technological, and productive. I used a mix of 2D and 3D visuals to create a large identification sign on the outside, along with immersive window graphics that wrap around the windows. The sign and graphics are meant to be noticeable but not distracting.


I also wanted to create a simple 2D informational graphic that can simple be printed and left around key areas of the library. These infographics are meant to highlight the Productivity Center to push for greater use and interaction by reminding visitors of the equipment and services available within the space.


Finally, I wanted to create more transparency between the user and the machine while using the equipment. I created a interactive dashboard for each printer/scanner that allows the user to enhance their experience. The dashboards allow users to review the print job, check paper supply and toner levels, and also report any problems or questions to the Library. The dashboard also provides secondary information during printing "down time," regarding the activities, events, and offerings available at NCSU and the Library system.

fpc_wideshot6 2.jpg