Matthew Norton

Constellation Air: Futures Workshop

Constellation Air

Stuart Candy Workshop, Spring 2019

In February 2019 our MGD studio at NC State participated in a three-day workshop with Stuart Candy from Carnegie Melon University. We used our imaginations to explore and create futuristic scenarios through various techniques. We completed the workshop with four groups creating and performing seven-minute experiential scenario set in a future determined by Ray Bradbury’s The Toynbee Convector. The following scenario was created on the final night of the workshop with my classmates Michele de Souza and Randa Hadi.


Welcome to Constellation Air! Our mission is to connect humans by providing the most innovative flight experience through a positive mentality, care, and dedication to the people. We are a Interplanetary Airline Agency established in 02075; start with the sole purpose to safely transport our passengers from planet to planet. We are proud to say that we are the first and only airline to travel to all planets of our solar systems! Our most recent Space Cadet Orientation was in February as we welcomed the class of 02084.