Assignment Completed: 'M Squared' Campaign Flyer

Assignment Completed is a series of where I breakdown smaller projects that I have recently finished.

I like doing work for my non-designer friends.

My friend, Michael Batres, is in his first year of med school at UNC Chapel Hill and (to no surprise) is running for co-president of something that is involved with his first year of med school (sorry for the lack of details but…) and needed a campaign flyer. I, of course, welcomed the challenge of fitting most-likely way too much information onto a 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Michael sent me a Google Doc with all the necessary information that needed to be displayed and we got down to business.


I started out doodling the frame of the page by breaking it down into different sections (boxes) that I could fill with the pieces of information. I had to keep it pretty flexible because I wasn’t sure exactly how all the text would fit until I started placing it in the InDesign file. Doing something like this, (a campaign flyer for a medical students) the information is most important and needs to be treated before working in a visual aesthetic.

In the image above you can see the progress from the rough sketches on the left to the first black-and-white drafts. While sketching out ideas, I didn’t have really any of the information yet, so I just used boxes to denote where the text would eventually be. I’ve found I work best when I initially layout everything in black and white and then add color, hierarchy, weight, etc. afterwards. Once I decided that I liked how the basic layout was looking, I started adding hierarchy, color, and manipulating the images more.


For the color palette I followed the colors denoted in the UNC Chapel Hill Branding Kit; I tried to use "Carolina Blue” in a way that wasn’t overbearing, yet enough to be easily associated with UNC. The “M squared” icon was first just a placeholder but then we ended up liking it and keeping it. Michael came up with the idea to use microphone emojis in the tagline, which turned out to work really well in my opinion; it gives off a very “2018” feel. The large image of the two Michaels with no background and over-scaled to overlap some page elements really pulls the flyer together and draws in the eye.

Stuff like this might be mundane to most designers, although I actually enjoy doing it. While I wouldn’t want to design heavy-text flyers all the time, it’s a fun challenge to let a friend (who isn’t a designer) sort of guide the process and I just get to implement everything I know that will help the idea and project come to life.